What are the five elements lacking fire to raise good plants?

If you are short of gold, you can raise some plants with golden characters or golden yellow plants, such as prickly pear golden pupa, golden rim (heart) spider plant, golden heart yemen iron, coreopsis, golden baby hemerocallis, golden branch and jade leaves, star anise gold plate, sprinkle golden banyan, upside down Admiralty, Dichum nasturtium, Nasturtium, Phnom Penh rich bamboo, Golden veins bed, Golden vein iris, Bromeliad, tulip, honeysuckle, calendula, five-claw golden dragon, Phnom Penh tiger lily, snapdragon, kumquat, sea golden sand, etc., Or sunflower, yellow chrysanthemum, daffodil, etc .;

Soil gold, you can also raise some plants with soil or "ground" or earthy yellow plants.

At the same time, fire gold, do not keep plants with fire word or fire red plants.

What kind of plants do people who lack fires grow?

People who lack fire in the five elements are suitable for red, but also suitable for green because of wood fire;

Water is not suitable for white, but fire is not suitable for white, so it is better to use less yellow

As long as it is a suitable plant

For example: Fortune, Maple, etc.

Birth Calendar: Born at 2:15 am on August 2, 1984 (Beijing time) Thursday. Lunar Calendar: Mr. Liujiazi Nianqiu, July 1st, 1984

Birth calendar: 2:15 (Beijing time), August 2, 1984, Thursday.

Birth Lunar Calendar: When the Ugly Lunar New Year is July 6th.

Kill Yen Choi

Dried formazanium (Nikko, Hai)

Zi Weichen Ugly

Ji Shen ferocious:

New Year's Day

Moon column Tianyi consumes a lot of money

Sun pillar Taiji Huagai boy net

Seal of the Heavens Tianyi Taiji

☆ Constellation: Leo. Zodiac: Rat.

Sanmingtong Judgement:

◆ He was born when he was ugly, and he used gui as his wife's wealth, and ugly had guishui remaining gas from wealth. Therefore, guishui is healthy. It is the order of wealth and wealth. Born in summer, travelling in the East is a noble life.

◆ He was born when he was ugly and was born in Yinyue or the month before noon. He died in the fire and gained the land of his lord. Born of Shenzi Chenyue, the financial bureau was formed. The year and month pillars are covered with soil, and the four warehouses are full of life.

Character weight:

[4 two nine money] 1.2 two a year, 1.6 two a month, 1.5 two a day, 0.6 two hours.

Yuan Tian's decision: This life is not a blessing, it is a self-reliance and self-reliance, and it has never been admired by rich people, making slaves live a lifetime. This destiny is pure in character, diligent in work, frustration in grace, brothers have grammar, friends and relatives help each other, lose wine and lose food, but say that it is not beautiful, have a poor beginning, and have been 26 or 7 years old, such as sailing against the water, We ca n’t gather money, we have to refrain from miscellaneous problems, we have to punish our wife and wife, and we must be over forty years old before we can start a family and start a business. Good luck comes, the family is rich in money, the third son is sent to the old, Shou Yuan is 73 years old, and died in September.

Professional wealth: (tested for occupation, wealth, etc.)

★ Four-pillar water, it should be appropriate to engage in water-related businesses or occupations, such as field duties, running mobility business, ice making, refrigeration, sea travel, tourism, sportsmen, reporters, hostels, etc. Career development benefits the northwest and is not good for the south.

★ Four pillars of gold should be suitable for gold-related businesses or occupations, such as operating hardware equipment, factory machinery, automobiles, transportation, finance, electrical appliances, engineering, mining, etc. Career development benefits the west and the south, not the southeast.

Fortune is a god who likes to use God.

★ Partial wealth information: Impervious to the sky. Earthly branches are not hidden.

★ Zhengcai Information: Tianqian 1 penetrates, weakness when lost. The Earthly Branch has 3 possessions and is powerless when lost. Hidden storage.

★ Zhengcai is thorough, diligent and pragmatic, and can be diligent to get rich.

★ Earthly possessions, wealth can flow, not to spend more savings.

★ Fortune has a library, rich and rich, can be saved when the hair, when the fortune comes, there is a chance to get rich.

★ The day is dry, the money is hidden, and the money is rich.

★ Food wounds are the original god of wealth. Today, food wounds are not prosperous, and the wealth is not wide or bad.

★ Monthly robbing money, it is difficult to get together. It is good for speculation and gambling. Poor fortune, emphasis on justice and neglecting wealth, in order to help friends and loved ones at the expense of self-dedication. There is short-term fortune, but it is difficult to last. On weekdays, you should use it diligently, sparingly, and accumulate less.

◆ Monthly robbing of wealth, seeing fortune, there is considerable opportunity to engage in speculative business, but it is easy to cause financial problems.

★ Food injury and leakage show, should be engaged in literature, calligraphy, culture, education, art and other occupations.

★ Easy to make money, study business, finance, finance, trade, or technical business.

★ The Five Elements need water or have a stage horse, it is advisable to move careers or diplomatic posts.

★ Mr. Wei is a good official. He has a straightforward and kind personality, and also knows how to control himself. He is in harmony with society and organizations, and is suitable for administrative, judicial, and general affairs management.

★ Monthly robbing fortune, even if the Lord becomes rich, he will not bring much money.

◆ Characters are more jealous than robbing or hurting officials, and they often encounter villains in their lives.

★ Jin Shui hurts officials, is eloquent, suitable for eloquence business, and has great prospects.

★ Prosperous and wealthy, keep your home forever.

★ Treasury's official treasury, a treasure of rare worlds (Wuchen Day).

◆ Four pillars have money, and there is no shortage of food and clothing.

★ Wealth is weak, and you are rich and wealthy.

★ The wounded official is happy to make money, and riches come from the sky.

★ Every time the treasury is shipped to the wealthy village, the Lord will be blessed in his old age.

Marriage mate selection: (testing marriage, love, watching couple status)

★ The lord of the tribe is combined with Shen and Chen, and the ugly is born with the six, that is, the monkeys, dragons, and cows are more likely to marry; it is against the young, and the noon, and the two The marriage is unfavorable, that is, the person who is a sheep is more disadvantageous, and the horse is against the horse, so there is no need to worry.

[Spouse Direction] It is better to choose the north or south of your house.

★ Nichichi is a man with a spouse who is steadfast in nature, has a stable manner, has a magnanimous spirit, and is kind-hearted to his friends. But sometimes it's too subjective and stubborn and stubborn, so that it can compete with others for money.

★ For the lord of the sun, the spouse has little help or distant relationship.

★ The wife has an extreme figure, that is, the couple does not match. Men are taller but women are shorter; men are thinner and women are fatter. (If not, the wife is sick).

★ Japan and Japan are more peaceful than husband and wife.

★ The Japanese branch is Chen Chen Ugly, and the main spouse is usual.

★ Fortune is happy to use God. He has the help of his wife, and the relationship between husband and wife is good.

★ Bingwang, food and wounds, wife and wise.

★ The fortune star won the honorable man of Tianyi, or sat in the honorable man of Tianyi, and this star is also used for the eight characters.

◆ The Japanese branch has a canopy, the main spouse is clever and talented, has a unique mind and loves to study philosophy and religion, has a mind of being born and has an attitude of self-respect.

◆ More than robbing, late marriage is favorable.

◆ Japanese guilty of Hua Gai and his wife.

◆ It's jealous to be a kid, and marriage is not easy, and some people have strange diseases.

★ Tianqianyouhe, good heterosexuality, how early marriage.

◆ Japanese branch is more taboo than heist, late or remarried.

Favorable choice: (guide matters for the day after tomorrow to remedy, transform fate, and avoid evil)

☆ Take the place of birth or residence as the center, your house, office, seat, sleeping head, employment, schooling, medical treatment, etc. facing north and west are auspicious.

☆ Choosing business time, going out, etc. can be done more efficiently in winter and autumn.

☆ Black, white should be used for clothing, jewelry, furniture and decoration.

☆ Choose the number 0, 9 or 7 or 8 to choose the house number, license plate, phone number, and lucky draw.

☆ The place to live should be: cold places and rivers, lakes and seas, or cool areas and polymetallic and mineral places.

☆ Diet should eat: cold food and kidney bladder and various fish of carnivores, or cold food and lung large intestines of carnivores.

☆ Medicine should be eaten: cold medicine, or cold medicine.

☆ The friend chooses the ugly and under-aged person, because he is your Tianyi nobleman, who can help you, and the lord is three-way with Shen and Chen, and six-way with the ugly-year, People get along well.

[28-year-old streamer: 2011 Xin Xun Xiaoyun: Xin Xun] Injured officials in the past, running bathing place. Tiangan Xinjin is a god of joy, and the earthen branch is a god of idle wood.

★ Last year luck: 58 points, actual luck: 37 points.

★ Avoid quarrels, don't participate in topic debates, exercise more, and survive bad luck.

[Jan Gengyin] Integrity should be upheld, rash action, disaster-familiar, well-known, and Ye Luohua blooming.

[February Xinyi] There is no doubt about the quiet thing, a goose flying in the clouds, peach blossoms in every shower, the waterside woman crying frequently.

[March Renchen] The distinguished guest was a blind date, and his name was accomplished by hand. He won gold and muster, and looked up at the sun.

[April december] Yifantaoyifanxin, who knows the sun and the weather, knows how to live by the water under the forest, and feels loved by the mountains.

[May Jiawu] The jade came out of the Kungang stone, and the boat left the ancient crossing beach.

[June Yiwei] The plan has been decided. Why worry about it, the moon will go upstairs, and the guest in the cloud nodded.

[July Bingshen] There was no doubt about the quiet thing, a wild bird flying in the clouds, peach blossoms in every shower, and the waterside woman cried frequently.

[August Ding Yan] The joy is not stable, the sorrow has already been suffered, the heavy rain is coming to Gumu, and everyone is not firm.

[September Wuxu] White jade hidden dust, gold buried in the earth, long glory, but also people to lift.

[October Ji Hai] I'm fascinated by heart but not lenient, I'm lenient and not lenient. To know what's wrong, there are still two mountains.

[November Gengzi] The ship was in a hurry, the flowers bloomed late and the spring was late.

[December Xin Chou] The plan has been settled, why worry about it, the moon will go upstairs, and the guest in the cloud nodded.

★ Occupied this year: Mountain wind 蛊 hexagram ★ 爻 in the hexagram is like a grind, it is a blessing but a curse. Intentions change in my heart, and everything is done in a hurry. Assured: Travel is useless, pedestrians do not return, it is difficult to see lost, everything is impossible.

[29-year-old streamer: 2012 Renchen Xiaoyun: Renwu] The streamer is a treasurer, running the crown. Tiangan Renshui uses gods, earth support Chen earth avoids gods.

★ Last year luck: 36 points, actual luck: 26 points.

★ Do not participate in speculative activities such as gambling. Pay attention to correct attitudes when dealing with the opposite sex, avoid being involved in extramarital affairs, and it is easy to cause trouble.

★ Langian Shensha: Huagai is not conducive to marriage and is conducive to academic research.

[Jin Renyin] The quiet thing is unquestionable. A wild goose flies in the clouds. Peach blossoms every shower.

[February Guiyu] Unsettled body, uneasy, two or three times of movement, the end will be happy.

[March Jiachen] Yifantaolifanxin, who knows the sun and the weather, knows how to live by the water under the forest, and sees the mountains.

[April Yiyi] The jade is out of Kungang stone, and the boat is away from the ancient crossing beach.

[May Bingwu] The plan has been settled, why worry about it, the moon will go upstairs, and the guest in the cloud nodded.

[Jing Dingwei] Qiqiqi, geographically and heavenly, after the message of Denghua, the movement is always appropriate.

[July Wushen] The joy is not stable, the sorrow has already suffered, the heavy rain is approaching the ancient trees, and everyone is not firm.

[August Jiyi] diligently, heart to heart, to be safe and to prevent ingress and egress.

[September Gengyu] The lake and the sea are leisurely, and the fishing hooks under the smoke waves, if the dragon and the rabbit, fame and fortune together.

[October Xinhai] The ship was in a hurry, the flowers bloomed late and the spring was late.

[November Renzi] Integrity should be upheld, rash action, disaster-familiar, well-known, and leaf falling.

[December ugly] Heart and unity, things and unity, good construction outside the door, there is no end to things.

★ Occupied this year: Kan is a water hexagram ★ A bright moon shines in the water, but the shadow disappears. The fool went to get it when he was rich, and fumbled around. Duan Yue said: failure to find a name, unhealed disease, unsuccessful marriage, unfavorable partnership.

[30-year-old streamer: 2013 Guixun Xiaoyun: Guiwei] Liunian Zhengcai is the chief official and runs the office of the official. Tiangan Guishui uses gods, earthly branches spit fire and enemies.

★ Last year luck: 50 points, actual luck: 33 points.

★ The relentless combination of the Years of Guiwu and Japan.

★ Do not participate in gambling, business and wages may be less than before, unfavorable to marriage.

★ Liannian Shensha: You can move forward and follow the land, and you have the joy of progress.

★ Occupied this year: Mizusawa Jade Gua ★ Every now and then, the operation is full of joy and happiness, and he is on the stage to seal the god Jiang Taigong. At this point all the gods abdicated, even if there is no calamity. Assured: The moon makes Gao Qiang, his reputation is high, and there is no trust in official affairs.

[31-year-old Chinese New Year: 2014 Jiawu Xiaoyun: Jiashen] The seven killing of the principal in the new year, running the land of Emperor Wang. Tiangan Jiamu idle god, the earthly branch noon fire hatred god.

★ Last year luck: 34 points, actual luck: 25 points.

★ The noon flow and the year run against each other.

★ Do you feel too depressed this year, hinder your career prospects, and experience pressures and setbacks? You should set your heart, study hard, and fight for opportunities.

★ Liannian Shensha: Disasters are fearful of disasters. You must be careful when you are walking the sheep.

★ Occupied this year: Shui Lei Tun Gua ★ The wind blows the chaos and disappears. Although it will get better in the future, it's just that I'm not free right now. It is said that the disease is not good, the marriage is unfortunate, the tongue is trivial, and the work is reversed.

[32-year-old streamer: 2015 Yiwei Xiaoyun: Yiyi] The official director of the fleeting year, the place where the operation is bad. Tiangan Otoki idle god, earthly branches are not terribly jealous.

★ Last year luck: 20 points, actual luck: 18 points.

★ The Ugly Years Clash with the Times.

★ Don't take the difficult assessment, the time is not ripe yet, come again later.

★ Occupied this year: Water and fire are good for hexagrams ★ The last name on the gold list is worth the hard work of the year. Everyone is so lucky in this hexagram, all hopes for tycoons. Assured: The moon is auspicious and can be seen by someone. Lost can be reached and the tongue dissipates.

The fourth step of the Universiade: Yihai Pipe from 2016 to 2025

※ The Grand Canal official is the principal and the ultimate destination of operation. Fortune in the first five years: 64 points, fortune in the next five years: 83 points.

★ Do not have the idea of starting a business at this time, otherwise the possibility of failure is very high, and it may result in bankruptcy and injury. You may feel that everything is not going well, so it is best to wait until later to come up with a plan.

★ Tiangan Otoki idle god, earthly branch water god. The Univers were killed by air.

[33 years old: 2016 Bingshen Xiaoyun: Bing Yi] The chief of the fleeting year, running a sick place. Tiangan Binghuo is a god of enemies, and Earthly Branch Shenjin is a god of joy.

★ Last year luck: 57 points, actual luck: 60 points.

★ The combination of Bingxin Liunian and Yuewei. Shen Zichen's Sanhe Water Bureau.

★ If you want to earn extra money in addition to your main job, then the time has come, and this year is also a good luck for learning.

★ Occupied this year: Lei Huo Feng Gua ★ The ancient mirror was dim for several years, and it seemed to be full moon. Gentleman conspiracy to occupy this hexagram, from time to time to run naturally. Assured: Travel and seek business, build achievements and gain benefits, see the disease is good, and seek the name.

[34-year-old streamer: 2017 Ding Xiao Xiaoyun: Ding Hai] The streamer is printing the principal and running the dead place. Tiangan Dinghuo is a god of enemies, and the earthly branch is a god of gold.

★ Last year luck: 57 points, actual luck: 60 points.

★ Chenchen Liuli and Japanese Liuhe.

★ Favorable exams, have the image of a diploma, also have the opportunity to take power, is conducive to reading and studying.

★ Liannian Shensha: Peach blossoms will have a lot of love and love.

★ Occupied this year: Dihuo Mingyi Gua ★ On the west side of the road, I hurried across the river and demolished the bridge. Even if you run out of cleverness, you will be vain. Assured: The disease is unhealed, lost property is hard to find, pedestrians have not repaid, be careful about everything.

[35-year-old streamer: The Mayor of the Year of the Ninth Rebellion: Wu Zi] The streamer is the chief actor and runs the cemetery. Tiangan Wutu avoids the gods, and Earthly Branches do not.

★ Last year luck: 3 points, actual luck: 33 points.

★ The reunion of the december and the ruthless time. Xun Chen's fleeting years and the sun are in conflict with each other.

★ In business, try to do it alone, cooperate less with others, do not quarrel with others, and do not get involved in major disputes.

★ Liannian Shensha: When the fleeting years die in the air, the bamboo basket flies.

★ Occupied this year: Hexagram of the Geoscientist ★ Lead the generals to go on an expedition and ride a strong horse to pull a long bow. Hundred steps through the Yang to go accurately, the arrow shot money happy. Assured: The disease is so good that you can find it if you have lost it.

[The 36-year-old streamer: 2019 Jihai Xiaoyun: Jiugou] The wealthy robbery master, running an absolute place. The heavens and the earth are jealous of the gods.

★ Last year luck: 64 points, actual luck: 64 points.

★ The combination of Jijia Liunian and the middle of the year.

★ It is conducive to engaging in speculative and adventurous business operations. Depending on the help of friends, you may succeed.

★ Liannian Shensha: When the fleeting years die in the air, the bamboo basket flies.

★ Occupied this year: Gen is a mountain hexagram ★ Cai Yuan often walks from his heart, but unfortunately it is difficult to get it right now. Not as good as the moment and patience. Assured: Good things are hard to come by, things are hard to find, and everything is prudent and peaceful.

[Age 37 years old: Gengzi Xiaoyun in 2020: Geng Yin] He is the chief eater of the New Year and runs the birthplace. Tiangan Geng Jinxi is a god of joy, and the earth is a god of water.

★ Last year luck: 89 points, actual luck: 76 points.

★ Ziugliu Nian and Shi Liuhe.

★ This year is the year of the fate, so be careful about everything.

★ Good luck, everything is in harmony, good health, and good for names and profits.

★ Occupied this year: Mountain fire 贲 hexagram ★ Runs the spirit week, the lady gentleman asks. The great celebration of bell and drum music occupies this hexagram. Duan Yue said: going out is auspicious, everything goes smoothly, lost property is visible, and the month is strong.

[38-year-old streamer: 2021 Xin Chou Xiao Yun: Xin Yi] In the past, he injured the official, and ran the land for maintenance. Tiangan Xinjin is a god of joy, and Earthly Branches are jealous of earth.

★ Last year luck: 28 points, actual luck: 55 points.

★ The Ugly Year and the Sixth of the Year, the Ugly Year and the Moon.

★ If you follow the text, then this year's cultural luck will be good, relying on your spouse's internal help will make money.

★ Occupied this year: Mountain and Sky Big Animal Gua ★ Sorrow is often locked between the two eyebrows, and there is so much concern in mind. From now on, the arbitrariness is irrelevant. Duan Yue said: to cross pedestrians, go out, good luck, good faith, Pepsi.

[39-year-old streamer: 2022 Ren Yin Xiaoyun: Renchen] The streamer is a treasurer, running the land of longevity. Tiangan Renshui uses gods, earth support Yinmu idle gods.

★ Last year luck: 66 points, actual luck: 74 points.

★ Invest in the most profitable stocks, betting, etc. You can make a lot of money by seeing the right time and doing what you can.

★ Lian Nian Shen Sha: Stage horses have moved around this year.

★ Occupied this year: Yamazawa Hexagram ★ Fortune is not too much trouble, like a cart tortured. The mountain road rugged and lost his ears. Duan Yue said: Fortune is unreasonable, don't make a fool of one's mind.

[40-year-old streamer: 2023 Guixun Xiaoyun: Guixu] Liunian Zhengcai is the principal, running a bathing place. God of heaven and deciduous water, god of earthen branches and cypress wood.

★ Last year luck: 66 points, actual luck: 74 points.

★ The relentless combination of the Years of Guiwu and Japan.

★ This year's wealth is better. Your business or bonus may be better than before. You should save more in the year of wealth for future enjoyment.

★ Occupied this year: Huo Ze 睽 hexagram ★ The road hurries people, crossing the river without a bridge and stepping on thin ice. Three steps and two steps pass, one step fell into the water by mistake. Assured: Pedestrians haven't returned and lost property is hard to find.

[41-year-old streamer: 2024 Jiachen Xiaoyun: Jiawu] The seven kill the principal in the fleeting years, running the land of the crown. Tiangan Jiamu idle god, earth branch Chentu Jiji.

★ Last year luck: 20 points, actual luck: 51 points.

★ Suitable for running for leadership positions, bidding, etc. May be promoted, but don't rush for quick success.

★ Langian Shensha: Huagai is not conducive to marriage and is conducive to academic research.

★ Occupied this year: Tian Ze Lu Gua ★ Jun Niao was lucky to get out of the cage, showing the prestige from the disaster. Once Zhiling Lingyun went, east and west, north and south arbitrarily. Assured: The partnership is wishful, the migration is satisfactory, the business is booming, and the fortune is very good.

[42-year-old streamer: 2025 Yixun Xiaoyun: Yiwei] He is the official official in the fleeting years, and runs the land of the official. Tiangan Omu idle god, earthly branch fire vengeance.

★ Last year luck: 34 points, actual luck: 58 points.

★ Conducive to examinations and elections, has a reputation for success, easy to obtain diplomas, professional titles.

★ Liannian Shensha: You can move forward and follow the land, and you have the joy of progress.

★ Occupied this year: Fengze Zhongfu Hexagram ★ The fortune of this Hexagram is like luck. The pigs and sheep were sold too late, and the pigs and sheep were sold off. Assurance: Disappointed reputation, incomplete profit, disease is not healed, and work is more difficult.

The fifth step of the Universiade: Cube tube 2026-2035

※ The Universiade is the official director of the Universiade. Fortune in the first five years: 47 points, fortune in the next five years: 75 points.

★ The owner of the tire is an ordinary and peaceful life. Career can be planned and planned, but don't rush to develop, the time is not mature yet.

★ Tiangan Binghuo enemies of god, earthly water god. The combination of Bingxin Universiade and Yuewei System, Ziwei Universiade and the Moon, Zizi Universiade and Shiliuhe. From: Answer for help

The eight-character, five-element water is in short supply, and what kind of plants are good to grow indoors? Or post a picture?

People who lack fire in the five elements are suitable for red, but also suitable for green because of wood fire;

Because water is good for fire, it is not suitable for white, and fire is good for gold, so it is best to use less yellow.

The red agate bracelet is most suitable for those who lack the fire or need to make up the fire.

It is recommended to go to the place where the feng shui mascot is best to buy. When you wear it, you need to ask an expert teacher to look at the personal numerology information to play a role of mutual assistance.

What's the point of the character?

I. Eight-character numerology pays attention to a person's birthday and eight-character. The five elements must be balanced, and the yin and yang must be balanced. The birthday character is destined for heaven and cannot be changed. Every year, different people are born at different times. Therefore, the balance of the birthday character and the five elements is small, very few. As a result, many people are fragile and many people are fragile. So how do you know BaZha? How can I count it?

Bazi hard, which is what we call Bazi body prosperous. So how do you count Bazi as weak? To put it dimly, it is to look at the number of five elements of the person, the month of the birth of the Lord, and the five elements are completely dry and rooted. Riganwang includes four aspects: order, land, life, and help.

Obtain the land: If Yang Rigan grows long in the four pillars, the earthen branch has the natural strength to compare and rob, Yang Rigan meets the tomb.

Desheng: There are positive offsets in the eight characters to help the birthday lord.

Help: Sun did the other four pillars to do better than rob.

Deling: Riqian was born in a month that is beneficial to his five elements, in a prosperous area (bathing, emperor, longevity, crown, and official officer).

Second, how to count the character

1. Whether the day is ordered. The so-called order is the month in which the Lord of Japan was born, which is beneficial to the independent five elements. For example, the Lord of the Five was fire, born in Shenyue, autumn, Shen is Jin, Jinwang, water phase, soil break, fire prisoner, wood death. Wang and Xiang are ordered, and the death sentence is lost. The fire was in prison and no order was allowed. Therefore Bazi may be weak.

If the order is done daily, then the land, or the birth, or the help, then the body is strong. If it is the second, it is too busy. All three are called too prosperous.

Under the premise of no order, if you have land, life, and help that account for more than two items and consume less of your own strength, then you are strong or partial.

If the Lord is unable to order, if the energy of gaining land, giving birth, or helping account for 2 items, then he is prosperous. If the energy of the eternal life, lu blade, and tomb in the tomb of the earth is less than that of grammatical self, vent me, and consume my energy (heterogeneous energy), then you are weak.

If it is in a situation where balance is not strong or weak, and it is not easy to find out the situation of using God, then it depends on whether the different powers (powers that consume, vent, and overcome the five elements themselves) are in a strong or weak place. If you are in a strong place, you are weak. On the contrary.

For example, someone's character is Xin Wei, Ren Chen, Gui Hai, and Wei Wei. Guishui was born in Chenyue, and died in the dead. The number of five elements is: 3 dead water, 4 prosperous soil, and 1 gold. Although living and helping, the power of helping the five elements of the Japanese Lord is less than that of draining the power of the Japanese Lord, which is better than robbing. Kill me, consume me or vent my energy in a strong place. Coupled with no land, so the character is weak.

For example, someone's character is already 巳, Ding Chou, Ding Chou, Geng Biao. Ding Huo was born in the Ugly Moon, and is located in the rest area. The number of five elements is 3 ceasefires, 4 prosperous soil and 1 phase of gold. Therefore Bazi is weak. More

So weak?

So Ba Zi is weak?

Do you think the life is too hard, steel is very easy to fold, the lack of five elements can be supplemented the day after tomorrow, you can reduce it if there are more, but there is nothing to worry about

Fire is golden, can the character be too soft to make up the fire?

Huo Kejin, can the character be too soft?

Just ask! The eight-character, five-element water is in short supply, and what kind of plants are good to grow indoors? What picture is most suitable?

Generally put red things as the main thing, or red stones,

What was missing in the 1984 rat life

What is the life of the rat in 1984? 1984 was the year of the lunar calendar, and it was the year of the rat. Born in (born 1924 or 1984) the five elements belong to the golden life in the sea, the rat on the house. People born in the year of Jia Zi will not have much academic achievement. They often have endless work. Men are wives, women are husbands, and women are very clever and intelligent. The eight characters are: Jiazi, Guiji, Jiwei, and Yihai. The five elements are: Mushui, water, gold, earth, civil, water, and five elements. Life in Wangjin releases soil, and Mu Ke consumes water, his life is weak. There are obstacles to marriage, and there may be changes; lack of motherly love, but filial piety; Good luck to you! !! !!

Reprinted please indicate the source Simple example » What plants are lacking in the Five Elements to cultivate good plants?

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