The Five Elements of Loulan Is Loulan King a Woman or a Man?


Three years of Yuanfeng (before 108), Han sent troops to discuss Loulan and captured his king. Loulan was both descended from the Han and attacked by the Huns, so he dispatched the waiters and proclaimed to both sides. After the Xiongnu servant was renamed King Loulan, he kissed the Xiongnu. Didi Wang Tuyu descended from Han and reported the situation to the Han Dynasty. In the fourth year of the Emperor Zhaofeng's reign (77), Han sent Fu Jiezi to Loulan, assassinated Angui, and Li Wei Tuyu became king. The country was renamed Shanshan, and the capital was moved to Xunnicheng (now near Ruoqiang, Xinjiang). Later, the Han government often sent officials to stay in Tunlan, the hometown of Loulan City, from Yumenguan to Loulan, and set up pavilion barriers along the way. During the Wei, Jin and Qianliang periods, Loulan City became the ruler of the Western Regions. About 1600 years ago, Loulan Kingdom disappeared, leaving only the remains of the ancient city.

Characters of Five Elements

Ai Hui: An orphan, who has become a hard worker from the old soil. He has lived in the wild for three years and has 2,000 people. His qualifications are not good, but because of his outstanding performance, he is qualified to enter the Five Elements.

Fat man (Qian Dai): He was born in an old land. He has an orphan and widow.

Boss: The owner of the Jiu Dou Xiu Dojo, obsessed with Xiu Xiu, has a good heart, and keeps homeless Ai Hui. But because Jian Xiu fell, he owed too much debt to commit suicide.

Lou Lan: Shao Shi sand puppet, the skin is pale yellow, with a rough feel of grit, wearing a black mask on his face, it looks like some kind of hard rock. Cute, good at housework.

Duanmu Dusk (classmates in the evening): family background, talents are different, due to Aojiao (fog) and contradictions with Ai Hui.

Shi Xueman: The girl in the noodle shop has had a chest stigma in Ai Hui's hands, but she does not know her identity, and her grandmother's relics have been absorbed by Ai Hui's sword. (Ai Hui owes 80 million debts)

What is the connection between the legendary legendary shield and the five elements?

The golden wood, water, fire and soil, the five elements are in harmony with each other, this is China's most mysterious ancient culture. In "Loulan's Quest", the single-runestones are no longer enough to deal with the increasingly powerful Shenwu rebel army. Inlaying the five-element spirit runestones with multiple attributes into the Shenwu shield will help players to fight against stronger enemies.

Types of Loulan Moyu

Loulan Moyu is mainly divided into two series: seed jade and carved jade:

Seed jade is divided into five jade types, such as red jade, condensed ice jade, silk jade, sand jade and jasper, according to the golden wood, water and fire soil in the Five Elements culture.

Carved jade is divided into 7 jade types, such as Loulantianhuang, Loulan glass, Loulan ice, Loulan violet, Loulan shoulu, Loulan red jade and Loulan jasper. Golden Life Mascot Loulan Moyu-Sand Jade

Wooden life mascot Loulan Moyu-wrapped silk jade

Lou Lan Mo Jade-Jasper

Water Life Mascot Loulan Moyu-Bingyu

Fire Life Mascot Loulan Moyu-Red Jade 1. Loulan Moyu-Tian Huang

Loulan Moyutianhuang has a bright yellow skin, and the yellow color is regarded as a normal color, which is a national color. As brilliant as gold. The quality is "six virtues": that is, fine, clean, warm, moist, condensed, and greasy, held in the hands, like the skin of infants and young children, extremely tender and delicate. Blessing Yingxiang, Hongyun Hengtong.

2. Loulan Moyu--glass type

Loulan Moyu glass is the best in Loulan Mo jade. Its texture is pure, delicate, free of impurities, cracks and cotton grains. It gives the overall feeling of being as clear and transparent as glass. In the whole Loulan Mo jade raw material is very scarce, the jewelry carved with this material is precious and crystal clear is the best type of investment collection!

3. Loulan Moyu--ice seed

Loulan Moyu ice type, the texture is very transparent, giving people an ice-like texture, has a cool beauty. Encounter the unmet. A great accessory for mature women.

4. Loulan Moyu-Violet

Loulan Moyu violet, the background color is purple, including eggplant purple, blue purple, pink purple, etc., light transmission from ice seeds to foundation, very popular with European and American people. Violet is beautiful and beautiful, symbolizing eternal love, and a gift for lovers.

5. Loulan Moyu-Fulu Shoushu

Loulan Moyu Fulu Shou species refers to a variety of green, red, purple (or white) colors on a Loulan Moyu. Its light transmittance varies according to the original stone. It can be glass, ice, etc. Both Loulan Moyu, which is both a kind and a color, is quite valuable. It symbolizes auspicious wishful wishes, and represents the three happiness of Fulu Shou, hence the name Fulu Shou. A great gift for superiors, elders, parents and more!

6. Loulan Moyu-Jasper

Loulan Mo jade jasper is a precious and rare high-grade jade species. Full of mystery and nobility. It is dark green or red, thick and opaque, but it is dark green when cut into thin pieces to make carvings, thin (1mm) can transmit light; uniform light transmission, good polishing, and is popular among Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asians favorite.

7. Loulan Moyu--Red Jade

Loulan Mo Jade Red Jade, a jade species with high trace element iron, is also called Qiong Yu. It is dominated by red, the color is bright and bright, and the jade is delicate and transparent. It is the top grade in Loulan Mo jade.

The origin of good words?

Good, two sheep heads, one Changfeng in the middle, one mouth below.

Sheep's head: Denotes horns, knives, martial arts, force, suppleness, symbolizes the leader, power and status. The five elements are gold. The exercise of power by the leader must be as docile as the sheep in order to conform to the laws of the universe, otherwise the tyrants will be violent. The two heads of the upper and lower heads refer to the laws that the heads of the heads are connected end to end, cycle to loop, cycle to endless, and endless.

Feng: Three horizontal and one vertical, one vertical through three horizontal. In the word of goodness, three crosses refer to heaven, earth, and people, that is, the universe; a vertical refers to the same, fundamental law that runs through heaven, earth, and people, so that everything, including heaven, earth, and people, follows.

Mouth: One-finger talking, reading, and speaking can also be understood as evaluation, public opinion, and media; two-finger circles, circular motions, recurring, never-ending.

The good word is symmetrical, representing fairness and justice. Whether it is a person exercising power or a media guide, it should be fair and just when evaluating, public opinion, and reporting.

Therefore, the fundamental meaning of the good word is: the sky is headed by it, and the sky, the earth, and the people abide by it.

There are three main origins of the good surname:

① From ancient times, the first ancestors are good books.

② From the surname. The Chu family of the Zhou Dynasty had a good surname.

③ From the ancient Loulan country.

After the death of Lou Languo, the Yu people established Shanshan State and lived along the Peacock River. Later, due to climate change, the Peacock River dried up, and Shanshan people moved to Turpan. The residents named Shanshan. Today, most of the surnames are descendants of Loulan.

Patriarch: Good scroll.

What does the flamingo metaphor mean?

The flamingo is a metaphor for freedom, boredom and dullness, ignorant of what is empty, and unbridledly expresses the meaning of youth, love, elegance. Flamingos mainly live in shallow waters of warm tropical saltwater lakes, swamps, and lagoons. They also live in a variety of saltwater and freshwater habitats, such as lagoons, estuaries, beaches, and coastal or inland lakes.

Extended information:

Flamingo: There is a strange bird on the first floor of the Langu country. Legend has it that they will fly south and fly non-stop after plumping their feathers, just to let the sky fire ignite their feathers in Nanyan Mountain, and then bring the tinder back to the ancient country of Loulan and turn it into ashes in Tianyi Mountain.

Loulan's people are called flamingos. It was regarded as the patron saint of the king. When Prince Loulan was punished into the tower, the flamingo also received divine punishment and trapped in the tower. Once there was an alien invasion, the flamingo flickered out, showing extraordinary divine power. All shrouded in dazzling light, the sharp beak became the sharpest blade.

The flamingo is about the size of a stork, about 80-160 cm tall, and weighs 2.5-3.5 kg. Males are slightly larger than females; they are white and reddish feathers, with black parts on their wings, crimson-covered feathers, and the colors contrast.

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